What we offer


Each employee who is willing to work in the Tagil Pipe Company are trained, which includes the following modules:

  • Appointment of products, normative – legal documentation;
  • Methods of negotiation and sales process;
  • Working with primary accounting documents;
  • Logistics.

According to the results of certification the employee receives a position in the company.

In order to become acquainted with the technology of manufacturing Tagil Pipe Company conducts excursions to industry suppliers.

Tagil Pipe Company implements a transparent system for salaries and emoluments. We pay our each employee based on their individual results. There is no wage ceiling.

One of our core values is company loyalty, since we believe that only a committed worker is truly concerned with the company’s future.

If you’re result-oriented, committed and looking for a primary place of employment, we offer some of the highest remunerations for sales. Please send your CV to office@tagilpipe.com

For those who have the main place of work and want to keep it, and is ready to make the agency fee on the supply of products, we offer you our cooperation. Call us at +7 919 360 37 38 and we agree.